Yellow-legged Buttonquail hunting in Bangalore

Goutham Shankar and Avinash Surya

Avinash S Surya

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Despite the Wildlife (Protection) Act and its stringent provisions, rampant hunting prevails all over the country due to widespread non-enforcement of laws.

Due to high demand for their meat, wild quails are hunted ruthlessly even though there are licensed quail farms where they are bred in captivity for the table.

This Yellow-legged buttonquail (Turnix tanki) was rescued from hunters by a group of people near HSR layout in Bangalore. The hunters had already killed five. We tried to convince them and create awareness not to kill these birds, but they were ignorant and lacked any concern. Avinash and I had no other option but to threaten them and get the last one alive. We tried to locate the bird’s habitat but it was not easy. We released it at another location appropriate for it to survive.

Location: Near Sobha Daffodil, HSR Layout, Bangalore.

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Goutham Shankar and Avinash Surya
Based in Bangalore, Goutham Shankar is a photographer and businessman. Avinash Surya is a photographer and works for a rental company.


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