Tiger Wanders 280 kms Through Karnataka Forests in Search of Territory

The tiger BPT-241
Ullas Karanth/WCS
Photo-matching CWS' database, the animal was reliably identified as male tiger BPT-241, last camera-trapped in Gundre, Bandipur Tiger Reserve, on February, 2010.

On May 1, a young male tiger which had strayed into a betelnut plantation in gama and was stoned by a mob, attacked and killed a man before it was tranquilized by the forest officials. On May 7th, the tiger was released into the Bhadra tiger reserve. Analysis of the photographs of the tiger’s release by the Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS), a wildlife NGO which had been camera trapping in Karnataka for around two decades, showed that the tiger was male BPT-241, last camera trapped in Gundre, Bandipur Tiger Reserve, on February 11th and 18th of 2010. The straight line distance between the last camera trapped point to Shikaripur where it was captured is around 280 kms. The actual travelled distance could be greater than 350 kms. This is the longest documented distance travelled by a tiger.

See related video NDTV follows the wandering tiger.

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