Central India Loses Four Tigers

B2 in his Prime
Ramki Sreenivasan

Central India has lost four tigers in the past two and half weeks. The male tiger, 14-year old B2 who was a legend in Bandhavgarh national park, died yesterday after a territorial fight with another tiger. B2 was rescued on the 20th after being found with multiple injuries on his bodies and legs, but died on the way to Shahdol. A four to five year old male was trapped and killed in a wire snare just 500 feet from the border of the Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. On 15th November, a tigress was found dead near Jamunapani village in Bhoramdeo Wildlife Sanctuary (a part of Kanha landscape). Poisoning is suspected. On 3rd November, a tigress believed to be six years old was found dead in a farm on the banks of the Wainganga River in Saoli range of Brahmapuri Territorial Division. She had died of electrocution after chewing on an electric cable supply power to a water pump.

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