No signal from translocated tiger in Sariska

JAIPUR: Having successfully completed the first phase of relocation of tigers to Sariska, it is testing time for forest authorities. Since the past three days, authorities have not received any signal from the radio collar of the T-12, a male tiger, which was recently relocated to Sariska. T-12 has been rechristened as ST-4 after its relocation.

“Whenever a tiger comes to a new surrounding it is a matter of habit that it strays off to distant areas in order to survey the place. In this case it could be that the tiger has gone off to some place within a valley and so we are not receiving any signal,” the source said.

The source explained that in valleys, signal from the radio collar fails to reach the satellite and till the tiger remains in that location, it is difficult to trace it whereabouts.

“Same was the case with ST-2 tiger. After it was relocated to Sariska from Ranthambore, for about two months, we did not receive any signal. But after the big cat reached a plateau it was easily traceable,” the source said.

About five tigers have been relocated from Ranthambore to Sariska to help re-establish the big cat population. This time to be ward off any danger from poachers all the relocated tigers have been fitted with radio collar to strictly monitor their movement. Even the presence of forest guards have been increased in the reserve.

Sometimes the radio collar gets detached the big cat’s neck in the course of the animal’s movement. In some cases, tech snag affects the radio collars.

“It is too early to come to a conclusion. We have set up teams and they are combing the forest area to track down the animal,” officials said.

Meanwhile, T-44 tiger, that has been renamed as ST-5, and which was the last in the series of first phase of relocation has been let off from the temporary enclosure. “It made a kill last night. We are tracking her through the radio collar. As of now, it seems to be doing fine,” officials added.

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