Dogs attack a Spotted Deer near Dandeli, Karnataka

Vikas Patil


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Another dramatic picture showing the impact of feral dog populations on wild prey species. No longer are these dogs content to rummage around garbage sites. If unchecked, incidents like this can severely deplete the prey available for forest carnivores such as dhole, leopard and tiger.

At least 20 reports of dogs attacking deer have come in recently from the Kali Tiger Reserve in Karnataka and places around it, such as Dandeli, Haliyal and Kumbarwada. Haveri, which boasts a large population of blackbuck, is also affected by the scourge of feral dogs.

Kali Tiger Reserve (KTR) is located in Uttara Kannada district, in Karnataka, bordering the state of Goa, and is spread over an area of 1300 sq km. KTR comprises of two important protected areas of the region viz — Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Anshi National Park.

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