Tigress Making a Wild Pig Kill, Nagarahole

Neeraj Bantia


Chosen as 'Picture of the Week'

A rare sighting and a wonderful image of a great predator carrying off its prey. Scenes like this are a stimulant to all those who want wild nature to continue to grace our unique planet.

We were on a morning jungle safari on 29th November 2016 in the Kabini backwaters area of Karnataka’s Nagarahole Tiger Reserve. Repeated peacock alarm calls alerted to us to the possible presence of a predator. Soon, we saw this tigress on the track stalking some wild pig that were on the other side of the elephant proof trench (EPT). We were lucky to witness the tigress jump across the EPT into the agricultural fields of Machegowdanahalli village, make a kill and then get back into the jungle, all within the space of ten minutes.

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