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Law of the Jungle: How dholes, leopards and tigers coexist in Asia’s forests

Nilgiri Tahr, Valparai, Tamil Nadu

Nilgiri Pipit, Anamudi Shola National Park, Kerala

Draco or Gliding Lizard, Agumbe, Western Ghats, Karnataka

King Cobra, Agumbe, Karnataka

Book review: Explore Spiders of India: A Pocket Guide by Karthikeyan S.

Tiger Chased By a Sloth Bear, Nagarahole, Karnataka

Mugger Basking in Plastic Waste, Girnar, Gujarat

Raid to Rescue Freshwater Turtles, Malda, West Bengal

Nilgiri Striped Squirrel, Palani Hills

Sambar in town, Alwar, Rajasthan

Hydroelectric Dams in the Himalayas – A Risk Not Worth Taking

Book Review — Waders of the Indian Subcontinent by Harkirat Singh Sangha

Moths of Churicad Estate, Kodagu

Tale of a Scorpion

How Communities are Evolving to Deal with Human-Elephant Conflict in Northern Chhattisgarh

Living with Elephants in the Anaimalais (Elephant Hills)

Tiger and Civet, Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, Karnataka

A Leopard’s Meal – the Ubiquitous Feral Dog

Bear knocked dead by train on Chanda Fort-Gondia line, Maharashtra

A Grizzled Giant Squirrel Felled – Kuthiraiyar, TamilNadu

Eye-browed Thrush at Mumbai’s Magical Green Valley Park

Human-leopard Interactions in Rajasthan

Albino Indian Grey Mongoose, Daroji, Karnataka

Someshwar Shyam Sunder: A Forest Giant is Felled

A Tribute to Dr. Peter Crawshaw

Collared Owlet — a Terror for Small Birds

Crake Amidst Plastic Waste, Hubli, Karnataka

Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary, Assam

Indian Giant Flying Squirrel, Nagarahole

Killing Fields at Bortir Beel, near Kolkata, West Bengal

Death of a Mother Chameleon

Surveying Cetaceans in the Andaman Sea

Building Bridges – Improving Forest Connectivity in the Western Ghats

A Roadmap for Dhole Conservation in India

Another One Bites the Dust

Kite Flying — A Death Sentence

The Forest Cane Turtle, Anamalai Hills, Tamilnadu

Desert Highway becomes Death Trap – Urgent Action Needed!

Stop Villainizing Bats: Scientists and Conservationists Bust Myths About Bats and COVID-19

River Linking Project Threatens Decade-long Success Story Of Panna Tiger Reserve

Polling for Pakke 2020 — Please help Pakke Tiger Reserve Pick its Best Images!

India’s Savanna Grasslands: The Unsung Tale

Wolves Chased by Dogs, Pune Grasslands

A Free Meal — Conflict between Wolves and Feral Dogs

Stray Dog Pack Bring Down Nilgai, Sultanpur National Park, Haryana

Nilgai Attacked by Feral Dog Pack, Bikaner, Rajasthan

Stray Dogs Killing a Chital Fawn, Muthanga, Kerala

Free Ranging Dogs — A Serious Threat to Wildlife in PAs

Otters under attack from feral dogs, Chambal River, Rajasthan

Feral Dog with Little Grebe Kill, Sonipat, Haryana

Dogs wreak havoc at Maidenahalli Blackbuck Reserve, Karnataka

Dog finishes victim of vehicle at Velavadar, Gujarat

Monitor gives dog the slip at Buxa Tiger Reserve

Hornbill Nest Adoption Program (HNAP) — A Community-based Conservation Initiative in Arunachal Pradesh

Uncovering India’s Illegal Jackal Trade

Is the Enigmatic Caracal in Line to Becoming India’s Second Wild Cat Species Lost?

Eurasian Otter Found in Chilika Lake, Odisha

Wild Canids and Hyenas: Flagships for Increasing India’s Conservation Potential?

Palm Civet Poached In Morigaon, Assam

Sightings of Adult Gharial in Mirzapur stretch of River Ganga in Uttar Pradesh

Park in Peril — Proposed Highway Through Pakke Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh

India’s Fake Forests

Tigers with Plastic, Corbett Tiger Reserve

Why Adding More RAMSAR Wetlands is Beneficial to a Growing India

Natural Forests More Reliable than Monoculture Plantations for Sequestering Carbon

Rewilding in a City; Making of the Aravali Biodiversity Park

Forests May Not Recover Even After 36 Years of Abandoning Plantations, Finds Study

Conflict Big Cats to be Termed as Dangerous and not as Man-eaters, their Elimination only by Dept. Staff

Conservation Status of Dholes (Asiatic Wild Dogs) in Northeast India

Conservation is Not Enough, We Need to Restore

SC Directs Centre for Alternatives to NH-212 in Bandipur Tiger Reserve

Under Cover: Orange-bellied Leafbirds as Pets in Nongriat Village, Meghalaya

Uttar Pradesh’s first Sloth Bear Conservation Reserve Proposed in Mirzapur Forest Division

Crested Hawk-eagle with Loris Kill, Anaimalais, Tamil Nadu

The Forests Rights Act Mess

A Conservationist’s Personal Tribute to Café Coffee Day Siddhartha

A Serious Hazard for the Flamingos of Manchlapur Lake, Karnataka

West Bengal’s Gangetic Dolphins in Danger

Conserving Shared Spaces for People and Predators

Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphins off Mumbai Coast

The Hornbills of Malabar Hill, Mumbai

Plastic and the Pup — Red Fox with a Bottle

Carnivores as Co-owners of our Lands

A Fishing Cat Kitten in the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve

A Landmark Event: UN Declares “Decade of Ecosystem Restoration”

Particolored Flying Squirrel in Assam

Illegal Trapping of Birds in Uttara Kannada, Karnataka

Illegal feeding of migratory birds at Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh

Capture of Coimbatore’s Crop-eating, Peaceful Elephant, Chinna Thambi

Conserving the Dhole in Karnataka’s Western Ghats

Hispid Hare, Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh

Stolen from Wild Dogs

“Ganesha” Spider — a Unique New Spider that Masquerades as a Leaf!

Red-breasted Merganser, Gajoldoba, West Bengal: A New Record for India

Addressing the Elephant in South Bengal

Spotted Flycatcher, a Rare Migrant, Spotted in Manipal, Karnataka

Amboli Toad Roadkill, Amboli Ghat, Maharashtra

Hornbill Watch: A Citizen Science Initiative for Indian Hornbills

The Forgotten Wild Cats of the Eastern Ghats

Short-nosed Fruit Bat and its Tents

Rusty spotted cat family in Tadoba, Maharashtra

Missing the Grass for Trees — Planting Trees Where They Don’t Belong

Rare Bird Alert — Grey-tailed Tattler in Pulicat Lake

Trends and Pathways for Ecotourism Research in India

Perceiving Animal: A Human Question

Roads to prosperity? Not for the Jackal.

Asian Vulture Crisis – It’s Not Over Yet

Living with Leopards: Making Sense of it for the Media

Citizen Science: Linking People to Conservation

High tolerance towards wildlife from people living near Rajasthan reserves

Sighting of Long-billed Dowitcher at Thane Creek , Mumbai

A Rare Sighting of the Indian Wolf at Tadoba, Maharashtra

Bor Tiger Reserve’s Dominant Male (T2) Road-killed on NH-6

Yellow-throated Marten in Garbage, Sela Pass, Arunachal Pradesh

Roadkills: A Citizen Science Initiative

Feral Dog with Little Grebe Kill, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Rampant Bird Poaching Activities in West and East Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Bustard, Wires, and the Flight to Extinction

The Amur Falcon Goes to School!

A Whiskered Tern Entangled in Plastic, Mangalajodi, Odisha

Sloth Bears of Mirzapur: A Study from the Vindhyan Landscape of Eastern Uttar Pradesh

Conserving Species in Landscapes Requires Holistic Planning

Wetlands in Peril, Chennai

Otters in a Famous Tourist Destination

Endangered Lesser Floricans give MP a miss

The Wolf and the Sheep: Concerns about the Proposed Purandar Airport in Pune

Pied Crow sighting at Jodhpur, Rajasthan

The Menace of Feral Dogs, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Janata Waghoba: A Story of People and Leopards in Rural Maharashtra

Human-Wildlife Interaction during Brahmaputra Flood

Anatomy of Shark Fisheries in Gujarat, India

First record of Rusty Spotted Cat from Ramgarh-Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan, India

Great Indian Bustards near Desert National Park, Rajasthan

First Records of Preorbital Gland Opening in Rare Wild Barasingha, Kanha TR, Madhya Pradesh

Central Indian Landscape Symposium (CILS), Dec 2016

Pakke: From Darkness into Light

Leopards in Crisis — Learnings for Uttarakhand

Tigress Making a Wild Pig Kill, Nagarahole

White-tailed Wood Rat, Purna WLS, Gujarat

Oil Palm vs. Rainforests