Tiger and Civet, Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, Karnataka

Vinay NP

Vinay NP
The large male tiger looked upwards, seemingly trying to smell something

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Animal behaviour is endlessly fascinating, and each day can lead to new observations in the jungle. Civets are known to exude a strong odour from their anal glands, and perhaps this is what the tiger picked up.

Nagarahole Tiger Reserve offers a variety of habitats with its mix of dry and moist deciduous forests. It is one of the best places to experience a wildlife safari full of surprises and thrills. 

On a cool February afternoon in 2020, we were all excited to see a huge male tiger resting on the bund of a waterhole. Initially he appeared to be very calm. But soon he seemed a bit uneasy and stood looking up at the trees, seemingly trying to smell something. We couldn’t understand his behaviour.  After a while, the tiger decided to move on. It was then that our attention was drawn towards a small mammal resting on a tree – an Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus)!

The palm civet is nocturnal, primarily moving about after dusk. Seeing it in broad daylight was indeed a rare sighting. But we couldn’t fathom why its presence made the tiger uncomfortable!

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