Nepal Vulture Release Shows Removing Diclofenac is Key to Success

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First release of captive-bred* vultures in Asia.

Nepal and Asia witnessed a further landmark for vulture conservation on 17th September 2018, when the Government of Nepal and national and international conservation organisations released 12 critically endangered White-rumped vultures (Gyps bengalensis), including the first eight birds actually hatched within the conservation breeding programme. Releases last year of birds reared (but not hatched) in the programme have so far shown very promising signs of survival and success, and in addition, … Read More

Asian Vulture Crisis – It’s Not Over Yet

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The widespread use in cattle of the painkiller and anti-inflammatory drug, diclofenac, led to the unprecedented and dramatic disappearance of vultures over the past 20 years. This inadvertently poisoned around 40 million vultures, causing populations to plummet across South Asia. It’s tempting to think that with the government bans now in place for over ten years, the job is done. While there are indeed some early indications that the remnant vulture populations may be stabilising, albeit at very low … Read More

International Vulture Awareness Day — Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bengaluru, September 3, 2016

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Save Tiger First presents International vulture awareness day.


  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. SAVE Presentation – National and International updates
  3. Update on Ramanagara Vulture Project
  4. Panel Discussion: “Vultures on the Edge”: 
    • Mr. Chris Bowden, Globally Threatended Species Officer & SAVE Programme Manager
    • Dr. Devendra Swarup, Director IVRI (Retd.) & NSAIDS & Veterinary Expert
    • Dr. S M Byregowda, Director, Institute of Animal Health & Veterinary Biologicals (IAH&VB)
    • Q & A, Wrap-up & Vote of Thanks

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