Nepal Vulture Release Shows Removing Diclofenac is Key to Success

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First release of captive-bred* vultures in Asia.

Nepal and Asia witnessed a further landmark for vulture conservation on 17th September 2018, when the Government of Nepal and national and international conservation organisations released 12 critically endangered White-rumped vultures (Gyps bengalensis), including the first eight birds actually hatched within the conservation breeding programme. Releases last year of birds reared (but not hatched) in the programme have so far shown very promising signs of survival and success, and in addition, … Read More

Breeding Centre For White Tigers In Rewa

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The environment ministry has given an in-principle approval for setting up a breeding centre in Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. Rewa was the home of the last wild white tiger, nicknamed Mohan. The bred tigers will be released into semi-wild habitats. Mohan’s genetic material is said to be the basis for white tigers in captivity. The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) said that the Central Zoo Authority will setup the conservation breeding centre.

Background info on White Tigers courtesy Wikipedia

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Zero Breeding of Western Tragopan in Sarahan Breeding Centre

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The Western Tragopan, a highly endangered and globally threatened pheasant will not be bred in the Sarahan Breeding Centre this year. This is to allow the birds to recover from an e-coli infection last year that left them very weak. There are 19 birds in captivity. Last year they had bred 17 fertilized eggs of which only one hatched. The chick died soon after. Three adult birds had also died and post mortem findings narrowed the cause to e-coli infection. … Read More