Agriculture That Benefits Wildlife

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The tallest flying bird in the world – the Sarus crane – thrives in the intensely cultivated floodplains of Uttar Pradesh. Can the birds withstand the pressures of a country on the fast track to development?

The fertile Gangetic floodplain has supported dense human population for centuries—much of the land is cultivated, having been converted almost entirely to small-holder farmer systems at least 300 years ago. Despite these pressures, the world’s largest known breeding populations of sarus cranes and black-necked … Read More

Sustainable Choices in a Connected World

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An article by T. R. Shankar Raman, a wildlife scientist from the Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore talks about the connected world of today, consumer consumption and destructive effects of large scale monocultures. The article also explains the possibilities for consumer awareness leading to sustainable, environmentally friendly industrial practices. The article uses examples of tea, coffee and palm cultivation and the large tracts of rainforests and accompanying species that are affected by intensive monocultures. … Read More