What Plagues the Mysterious Clouded Leopard?

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In 2018, Howlett’s Wild Animal Park designated the 4th of August as the International Clouded Leopard Day with the aim to enhance our knowledge and spread awareness about this mysterious cat. As of now, much of what we know about clouded leopards comes from observations of individuals in captivity. Information pertaining to their distributions in the wild, demographic parameters, diet, possible threats, and knowledge of other biological and ecological aspects necessary for their long-term survival in the wild remains largely … Read More

Studying Patterns of Human Injuries and Deaths Due to Leopards, Lions and Tigers in Three Countries

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Human-large cat (like lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars) interactions often have an aura around them. Although there are many positive components, conflict between these felines and people dominate popular media and research. Conflict with large cats most often manifest in the form of livestock attacks, retaliatory killing and conflict between different invested stakeholder groups. One extreme and most feared form of conflict is injuries and deaths of people by these cats. Although attacks on people by large cats are rare, the … Read More

Post-doctoral Associate (Wildlife SOS and San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research)

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Post-doctoral Associate

Application deadline: September 1, 2015

The Wildlife SOS and San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research seek a Postdoctoral Associate in Reproductive Physiology. Initial funding is for 3 years with the potential of extending up to 2 additional years for up to 5 years total. There is a possibility of a long-term consultancy to conduct and oversee research at Wildlife SOS in India at the conclusion of the Post-doctoral fellowship. The candidate must have a strong commitment … Read More