What Plagues the Mysterious Clouded Leopard?

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In 2018, Howlett’s Wild Animal Park designated the 4th of August as the International Clouded Leopard Day with the aim to enhance our knowledge and spread awareness about this mysterious cat. As of now, much of what we know about clouded leopards comes from observations of individuals in captivity. Information pertaining to their distributions in the wild, demographic parameters, diet, possible threats, and knowledge of other biological and ecological aspects necessary for their long-term survival in the wild remains largely … Read More

Draco or Gliding Lizard, Agumbe, Western Ghats, Karnataka

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Draco or gliding lizard (Draco dussumieri) is an agamid lizard endemic to the  Western Ghats and Northeast India. They are primarily arboreal and occur in rainforests and plantations like areca nut, rubber, etc. It has a membrane called a patagium around its belly which extends to create wings that help it glide across tall canopies. Interestingly, within the Western Ghats, they do not occur beyond the Goa gap, a significant biogeographic barrier between Goa and South Maharashtra, due to the … Read More