The Race to Save the Amur Falcon

CI Team

“In a world where conservation problems tend to go from bad to worse, the campaign to save the Amur falcon was so inspiring that I wanted to share it with the rest of the world”, says the filmmaker, Shekar Dattatri.

Around a remote reservoir in India’s far northeast, a small team of conservationists discovered something that was both enthralling and alarming. During a biodiversity survey in the winter of 2012, they stumbled upon vast flocks of Amur falcons, the likes of which they had never seen before. At the same time, they also witnessed local hunters capture and slaughter tens of thousands of the little raptors for consumption and sale.

When the horrific story first broke on Conservation India, a frontline partner in the campaign, it caused shock and dismay among conservationists around the world.

Fortunately, thanks to close cooperation between NGOs, local authorities and the local community, the falcons were granted a reprieve, and now enjoy a safe passage through Nagaland during their incredible migration from Russia and China to South Africa. “We are inundated with bad news every day, which makes it even more important that we document and share success stories”, says the filmmaker.

Produced by Shekar Dattatri

Duration: 20:14

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