Electro-fishing, Loktak Lake, Manipur

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Electro-fishing (passing electricity through water to catch fish) is a popular method to stun fish and study them. When performed correctly, it usually does not kill the fish or cause any long-term damage to them. However, local fishermen use a crude version of this method to kill fish in lakes and streams in many regions of India. Often, diesel run generators, or worse, illegal use of overhead electric lines of the power grid is used to kill fish.

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An Unexpected Raid: A Tale of Communities and Conservation from Nagaland

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“Rules are rules; we shall definitely fine the offenders. The village council has set the rules and we all need to obey the same. Other villages should realise that we have completely banned hunting and fishing in our area and our decision should be taken seriously by them” were the words from a youth belonging to Sema tribe of Sukhai village from Nagaland, after they had caught people from the neighbouring villages fishing in their river.

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