Electro-fishing, Loktak Lake, Manipur

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Electro-fishing (passing electricity through water to catch fish) is a popular method to stun fish and study them. When performed correctly, it usually does not kill the fish or cause any long-term damage to them. However, local fishermen use a crude version of this method to kill fish in lakes and streams in many regions of India. Often, diesel run generators, or worse, illegal use of overhead electric lines of the power grid is used to kill fish.

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The Manipur Brow-antlered Deer in the World’s Only Floating National Park

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The dugout canoe glided through a narrow water channel, surrounded by tall reeds. We were a small group of birders, perched precariously on the canoe as the boatman negotiated the bends and the reeds. Bird calls filled the air, though we couldn’t see any through the thick sea of grass. It wasn’t just birds that we were there to … Read More