The Gaur and the Gourmands!

Ganesh Raghunathan

A time-lapse video of a dead gaur — the largest species of wild cattle in the world — showing how nothing in nature goes to waste. Pieced together from 20,345 images taken using a Reconyx HC 500 camera-trap over a period of 15 days, the video records how a variety of mammals, birds, and insects consume the remains of the dead gaur and how natural processes of decomposition, scavenging, and disintegration operate when the gaur carcass is left undisturbed, even in a human-use landscape of tea plantations.

The dynamics of prey and predator, carcass and scavenger, goes to show how life and death are linked in the communities in nature, of which people form a part.

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About the author

Ganesh Raghunathan

Ganesh currently works on understanding and resolving Human-Elephant conflict.



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