Monitoring Tigers and Their Prey

Reliably estimating the population of wild tigers is crucial to their conservation. Since tiger numbers are generally closely linked to the availability of prey, monitoring tigers also involves reliably estimating the numbers of prey animals in the habitat. Often, flawed and outdated methods of wild animal population estimation are used in Asia to monitor tigers and their prey, such as, block counts, waterhole counts, pugmark census technique and so on. This video guide illustrates some modern, scientific techniques for monitoring wild tigers and their prey.

The video is based on the manual ‘Monitoring Tigers and Their Prey’ edited by K.Ullas Karanth and James D.Nichols, and is aimed at wildlife researchers, park managers, conservation volunteers and anyone else interested in using correct scientific techniques for monitoring wild tiger and prey populations. The DVD and the manual should be used together to gain a full understanding of the concepts and practices of modern wildlife population sampling and estimation.

Copies of the manual and the DVD can be obtained by writing to:,

The production of this video was supported by Enduro India and Wildlife Conservation Society.

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