Kaliru — Human-Elephant Conflict in Tamil Nadu

Santhosh Krishnan and Jeswin Kingsly

The word ‘Kaliru’ refers to elephants in Tamil. This film is mainly based on the Human-Elephant conflict. We have shown how humans and elephants affect each other. This is a very serious and sensitive subject. We worship elephants as God every day through ‘Ganesh Ji’ and on the same day in many parts of the country they are abused and chased as troublemakers. Farmers are in the frontline of the conflict, especially with farmlands close to forest boundaries. Poor farmers suffer a lot and have even lost their lives due to elephants. Forest Department has tried different methods to mitigate the conflict but to little effect. Elephants, being migratory in nature, need a lot of space to roam. But in the current situation, where forests are shrinking in no time, the future of elephants looks uncertain in India. With very little time left, we should all stand up for a good cause that benefits both mankind and the gentle giants.

Narrated by: Belinda Wright
Director: Jeswin Kingsly (@jeswin_kingsly), Santhosh Krishnan (@santhosh_krishnan13)
Cinematography and Editing: Santhosh Krishnan
Aerial Photography: Sanjeevi Raja (@bysanjeeviraja), Ganesh Raghunathan (@ganeshraghunathan), Eric Nelson Bosco (@eric_nelson_bosco)
Music: Lijo Felix J (@lijofelix_lq_melodiq)
Additional Photography: Sanjeevi Raja
Visual Effects: Cristo Paul(@cristo_mon)
Sound Effects and Mixing: Vikraman R (vikraman_r)
Publicity Design: Vigneshpichai (@v.shivan)
Sponsors: Felis Creations, Nature Society of Tirupur, Francesca Britol, Savitha, Shubham Singh Baghel, Atul Wasnik
Additional Footage: Felis Creations, Surya Ramachandran (@surya_ramachandran), Vijay T (@vijay_vast), Nitesh Anandan (@cnemaspis_anandani)

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