Young Indian Biologist Krithi Karanth Gets National Geographic Grant No. 10,000

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Conservation biologist Krithi K. Karanth of Bangalore, India, is the recipient of the 10,000th National Geographic grant. Dr. Karanth saw her first wild tigers at the age of 2 at the side of her father, wildlife biologist and conservationist Dr. Ullas Karanth. Krithi Karanth works on human dimensions of conservation, such as human-wildlife conflicts, land use change and people-park relationships. With the National Geographic grant, she will assess human-wildlife conflicts in five parks of India’s Western Ghats. The project will … Read More

Mongabay’s Interview with Krithi Karanth, Wildlife Scientist

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Mongabay has published an interview with Dr. Krithi Karanth. She talks about her new study which looks at the likelihood of extinction for 25 of India’s mammals. The study finds that seven species are at risk of extinction. This list includes the Bengal Tiger, Wild Dogs, the Asiatic Lion and Asiatic Elephants. The study recommends that increasing protection in existing areas and innovative conservation programmes for areas surrounding the parks are key to saving India’s wildlife.

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