Few see that India’s future depends on its ecological sustainability

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Thirty years ago, a department of environment was set up in the Central government; 25 years ago, this was upgraded into a full-fledged ministry of environment and forests. As we mark these anniversaries, it must be said that the ministers in charge of this ministry have generally been incompetent, or malign, or both. Some might make an exception for Maneka Gandhi, who was minister of state for the environment between 1989 and 1991. However, she was an animal rights activist … Read More

‘The Forest Conservation Act Is Sacrosanct’ — An Interview with Jairam Ramesh

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The Minister of State for Environment and Forests, Jairam Ramesh has a lot on his agenda, from saving the tiger to stopping illegal mining, finds Prerna Singh Bindra.

It’s an unexpected encounter. The Minister of State for Environment and Forests (MoEFF), Jairam Ramesh, seated atop an elephant, is galumphing through Corbett Tiger Reserve.

When TEHELKA corners the minister in Corbett, he is wearing shorts… and a satisfied smile. He has just seen a tigress “and-a-half” (her cub) who charged the … Read More