A Moment in the Life of a Forest Guard

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Frontline staff — Forest Guards and Watchers — are the most vital link in the forest protection chain, but they are also the most neglected. They are lauded as “our unsung heroes” in media articles, and, occasionally, one or two a year are given awards at glittering ceremonies. But their lot on the ground remains the same year after year.  While more and more posts that suck up tax payer money are created at the top echelons of state Forest … Read More

Watchers and Guards — Unsung Heroes of Wildlife Conservation

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Originally published in The Hindu Survey of the Environment 2011.

Scorching sun, raging fires, inhospitable terrains and a few men trying to douse fires in these hostile conditions. Does this sound like a science fiction from a Hollywood blockbuster, unfortunately you are wrong. This is the scene in several of our protected areas during summers and few can bear with these situations and continue to fight for a cause. This clan has continued with this daunting task for decades in … Read More