Hog Deer Discovered from Mirzapur for the First Time

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A hog deer that was reportedly being chased by stray dogs was handed over by the villagers who rescued it to the Mirzapur Forest Division on 12th May, in Kolana village near Adalahat (Dist. Mirzapur, U.P.) The animal was later taken to the Range Officer, Chunar Forest Range, Shri S.P. Ojha, and was kept under the medical supervision of a veterinarian. The animal, which was initially mistaken for a chital, was later identified as a hog deer (Hyelaphus porcinus) with … Read More

The Forest Cane Turtle, Anamalai Hills, Tamilnadu

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Originally appeared in Pollachi Papyrus.

During one of my recent bird surveys in the Anamalai Hills, I had the privilege of sighting the rare (Cochin) Forest Cane Turtle. Forest Cane turtle is one of the rare reptiles of our fragile rainforests in the Western Ghats chain of mountains. It is a forest-dwelling species and found mostly in the dense forests, and, unlike many other turtle species, they avoid perennial water bodies like streams and ponds. The distribution of the … Read More

An Electrocuted Fishing Cat, Howrah, West Bengal

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A Fishing Cat was partially electrocuted at a pond in Baikunthapur village, of Haora (Howrah) district in West Bengal. The pond owner, along with some others, then killed the cat and sold off the meat. They then tried to destroy evidence by throwing away the head and skin of the cat in a nearby canal.

When informed of the incident, the Forest department carried out an investigation, which led to the recovery of the head of the cat. An … Read More