Capture of Coimbatore’s Crop-eating, Peaceful Elephant, Chinna Thambi

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Chinna Thambi, a 25-year old tusker from the Anaikatti region in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, was relocated to Anamalai Tiger Reserve on 26th January, 2018. This was done following repeated complaints by a section of farmers from the region that the elephant was raiding crops and breaking into houses for food. These agricultural lands are adjacent to Thadagam Reserve Forest and Anaikatti South Reserve Forest of Coimbatore Forest Division. Perhaps because this particular bull had never attacked anyone, the indigenous community … Read More

Camp Elephant gored by Wild Tusker inside Anamalai Tiger Reserve

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A 22-year old female camp elephant was gored by a wild tusker in the Kozhikamudhi camp near Top Slip of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve. Around 20 elephants were grazing near the camp area, when a rogue tusker that was in search of a mate attacked and injured the female elephant on its back, sides, neck and abdomen. The mahouts from the camp, rushed to the elephants help on hearing it trumpeting in pain. The elephant was rescued and is being … Read More