Hornbill Watch: A Citizen Science Initiative for Indian Hornbills

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This is a summary of the paper originally published in INDIAN BIRDS Vol. 14 No. 3 (Publ. 25 July 2018).

Hornbills are called the ‘farmers of the forest’ as they play a very important role in dispersal of seeds that grow into trees. These long-lived birds are slow breeders, with larger hornbills usually raising a single chick every year. Hornbills face significant threats from hunting in parts of India and from habitat loss across their range in India. The information … Read More

Citizen Science: Linking People to Conservation

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In August 2014, Parag Rangnekar, the State Coordinator of Goa for the Indian Bird Conservation Network, was asked to send proposals for identification of potential new Important Bird and Biodiversity Area’s (IBA) from Goa. This was received with great enthusiasm and delight by all bird watchers of the state. Discussions were initiated regarding potential areas that could be identified as IBA’s, which would then aid in generating more awareness to help protect these areas locally. However, we soon realised that … Read More

How Birds Can Save the World: Talk by Prof. John W. Fitzpatrick — Christ University, Bengaluru, Jan 19, 2017

NCBS Science and Society Programme along with Christ University hosts a public lecture.

This is a multimedia lecture on the key role of birds and citizen science in understanding how we can prioritize, preserve, and manage earth’s natural systems. The speaker, John W. Fitzpatrick, is the Director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. His current research focuses on the ecology, conservation biology, and population genetics of the endangered Florida scrub-jay. John will talk about the enormous … Read More