Release of the book “Bird Business” authored by Rohan Chakravarty — Hornbill House, Mumbai, June 7, 2019

The President and members of the Governing Council of the BNHS have organizsed the release of the book “Bird Business” authored by Rohan Chakravarty. Mr. Bittu Sahgal, Vice President, BNHS will be releasing the book.

To RSVP and for details of the book release programme, please check the poster and invitation.

Bird Business

Migrants, residents, endemics, endangered – all find a place in Bird Business. The fun-filled visuals and effortless narration highlight the specialities of each bird species, endearing it … Read More

Bengaluru Launch of ‘The Vanishing: India’s Wildlife Crisis’ — Sapna Book House, 27 September 2017

About the book

‘The Vanishing’ takes an unflinching look at the unacknowledged crisis that India’s wildlife faces, bringing to fore the ecocide that the country’s growth story is leaving in its wake—laying to waste its forests, endangering its wildlife, even tigers whose increasing numbers shield the real story of how development projects are tearing their habitat to shreds. It tells us why extinction matters, linking the fate of wildlife to ours. The end of the gharial, an ancient crocodilian, signifies … Read More

Book Launch : The Story of Asia’s Elephants — New Delhi, April 30th 2013

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Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) cordially invites you to the launch of Dr Raman Sukumar’s book: The Story of Asia’s Elephants.

The relationship between elephants and people in Asia over thousands of years is a unique one. This book is not an art history, but rather an ecological and cultural history of the Asian elephant. The focus is on India because of the great significance of the elephant in this ancient civilization as well as the profusion of material, both Read More

Book Review — On a trail with ants: A Handbook of the Ants of Peninsular India

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‘On a Trail with Ants’: A Handbook of the Ants of Peninsular India, Ajay Narendra and Sunil Kumar M, 2006. 193 Pp. (paperback), Self-published.

Review: Dinesh Rao, Department of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University, NSW 2109, Australia.

‘On a Trail with Ants’ by Ajay Narendra and Sunil Kumar is a rarity. It is a book that was published despite great odds and obstacles, and as such, it is an important milestone in the history of field guides in India. Traditionally … Read More

Book launch ‘Tiger Warrior – Fateh Singh Rathore of Ranthambore’ by Soonoo Taraporewala — Mumbai, 18, Dec, 2012

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Fateh Singh Rathore devoted the better part of his life to making Ranthambhore National Park a safe haven for the tiger population to live and grow in. He was intolerant of red tape and led a tireless crusade against poachers. Globally respected for his work, he was unpopular with Indian forest officials whenever he sought to point out anything that went wrong or falling tiger numbers. In such cases, the official reaction was always denial in other national parks such … Read More