Pelicans in Peril

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On the morning of December 20, 2020 when Mike Prince and Chris Bowden visited Sonnapura Lake close to the Chikkaballapur Town, about 23 km from Bengaluru, to watch birds, they were not prepared for what they found along the water’s edge. Found dead along the edge of water were two Spot-billed Pelicans (Pelecanus philippensis). Subsequent visits to the lake brought the matter to the attention of the Karnataka Forest Department, who promptly despatched the dead birds to Read More

Bird Deaths in Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan, Attributed to Avian Botulism

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UPDATE 2 – 21-Nov-2019: The deaths of over 18,000 birds in Sambhar Lake have been attributed to Avian botulism. Attached is the detailed report by the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Bareilly. The initial cause of the deaths was suspected to be avian flu, but that has been ruled out. Botulism has been recognised as a major cause of mortality in wild birds since the 1900s. A potential cause of the presence of the bacteria could be toxicity of … Read More

Forty-five peacocks die in Gwalior infected by contaminated water

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Forty-five peacocks have died in Narvalli village in Gwalior district, allegedly after drinking contaminated water. 26 were found dead on Apr 23 and the rest on Apr 30. The post mortems suggested that the birds died of intestinal congestion. The Gwalior collector has sealed a distillery in Rairu, following complaints from locals that effluents released from the distillery had contaminated water bodies and led to the death of the peacocks.… Read More