River Linking Project Threatens Decade-long Success Story Of Panna Tiger Reserve

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Panna’s success story is now a conservation case study in other tiger range countries where efforts are ongoing to increase tiger numbers.

Every monsoon the stunning Dundhwa Seha gorge in the middle of the Panna Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, comes alive with a spectacular waterfall. Even during the drier months, the rocky outcrop is a refuge for wildlife looking to escape the grueling summer heat of Bundelkhand.

In this deep gorge, Panna recorded its first litter of tigers on this … Read More

Q: Do we have any scientific data to show if tigers bred in captivity can be successfully relocated in the wild ?

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Answer from Shekar Dattatri, Conservation India

There is plenty of evidence to show that releasing hand-reared, captive bred large carnivores into the wild is generally unsuccessful for several reasons. Please go through this paper for a full explanation: Killer Cats – The Dangers of Captive Carnivore Introductions.

To quote from the paper:

“The only way to recover and increase big cat populations is to stop poaching of the cats and their prey…thereafter numbers will bounce back in a … Read More