Whose Forest is it Anyway?


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Home to a wide variety of wildlife including leopards, Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai is a unique example of a true wilderness in a major city.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a gift to Mumbai. Often labelled as Mumbai city’s only green lungs, this is one of the very few protected areas in the world to fall within the limits of a metropolitan city. The forest also supplies a portion of the city’s fresh water through its lakes, Tulsi and Vihar.

However, Mumbai is mushrooming at a rapid, and its suburbs are ever increasing in size, as a lot of pressure is on them to fulfil the housing needs of the metro’s residents. This pressure translates into numerous impacts on the National Park, such as tourism, habitat loss, plastic menace and man-animal conflicts.

The picture speaks volumes about the current situation. Whose forest is this anyway? Is the city in the forest? Or is the forest in the city?

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