Innocent Victim — Elephant Calf Railway Kill, Walayar, Kerala

Manu Menon

Tragically unresolved and burning issue of the deaths of wild elephants around Walayar, Palakkad, Kerala, due to train hits. This is not a freak accident — during the last two years, this little calf is the eighth such victim of our carelessness and negligence. With both the Indian Railways and the Forest Department busy blaming each other over this issue, the end result is this emotionally wrenching scene of the the whole mourning herd standing guard and not allowing anybody to approach the dead calf.

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  1. SwapnaSarit

    The forest department should only give clearances for railway lines or roads inside a forest on the condition that sufficient no. of underpasses will be there for free movement of the animals and the entire stretch of the track or road to be barricaded, to avoid tragic incidents as above.

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