Tiger Stalks and Hunts Down Wild Dog in Nagarahole

Vikram Hiresavi


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The rivalry between tigers and wild dogs is well known through several anecdotal reports, but few people have been fortunate to record it on camera.

We witnessed an astonishing natural history moment while on a ride inside Nagarahole Tiger Reserve on the 20th of September, 2017. 

Just as the rain stopped in the morning in the Kabini area of the park, our safari jeep came upon a tiger facing off with a large pack of dholes. The crouching tiger seemed ready to pounce, when a bike-borne forest department staffer came riding between them, inadvertently chasing both away. The tiger disappeared into a bush, so we followed the dogs instead. 

About 7-8 minutes later, and a bit down the road, the tiger came crashing back from the bush right in our direction, and chased the nearest dog into a clump of lantana. The rest of the pack barked and hopped around in a frenzy, but to no avail, as the dying yelp of the unfortunate individual filled the air before the forest went completely silent. We couldn’t photograph anything those last few seconds, but I don’t think anyone present will forget the sight!

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