Insect Aerodynamics Talk by Sanjay Sane — Bangalore, Nov 30, 2012

  • On:
    November 30, 2012
  • Timing:
    7:00 PM to
  • Location:
    Jayamahal Palace
  • City:

Even a humble fly can perform aerobatic feats that remain unsurpassed in the engineering world. Although by the reckoning of most people, insects possess small and unsophisticated brains, their exquisite flight maneuvers are not possible without a nervous system that can acquire and process information at rates that we can only hope to match. A group of scientists seek to unravel the phenomenon of insect flight to understand just how these ‘simple’ brains can generate such complex behaviors.

In his talk, Sanjay Sane hopes to shed some light on how the many lessons that have been learnt from studying insect flight have ultimately helped nurture better engineers and biologists. Using riveting video clips and photographs, Sanjay Sane will take us deep in to the world of insect aerodynamics.

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