Q: How can we spread the need of conservation in our schools? how can we organise any kind of campaign in our school?

Asked by Navneet Bohra

Answer from Shekar Dattatri:

There is so much that can be done in schools that the sky is literally the limit! Children are very interested in nature, and just need someone to light the flame and encourage their interest.  But regular textbooks do not provide much information or inspiration on the subject. Thankfully however, excellent books on nature are now available. So one important thing that schools can do is acquire a comprehensive collection of books on Indian wildlife, create a special section in the school library for them, and encourage students to use them.  The same goes with videos.  A number of excellent videos on Indian wildlife are now available (although there is no single central source to buy them all), and should become a part of the library.  However, merely screening wildlife films will not help. Getting a knowledgeable resource person to introduce a film and answer questions after the screening is absolutely vital. Every city has people who can be roped in for this.  Many cities have bird watching clubs or naturalists’ societies that can be a good source of resource persons.  Since we do not know which city you are from, we can only give you this general advice. Please contact us with more details if you want to discuss this matter further, and we will try to help.

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