ZSI Scientists Discover Bird Species from Great Nicobar Island

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Great Nicobar, July 27, 2012

A team of scientists of Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) here are presently inventorizing the fauna communities of Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve (GNBR) under the man and biosphere programme of UNESCO with the sponsorship of Ministry of Environment and Forests, GoI. The GNBR is one the 17 biosphere reserves designed in India. The results of the recent survey conducted by ZSI in GNBR discovered a new species of bird Rallina (Water Rail or Crake). For … Read More

Zoological Survey of India Revamp Concerns

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Union Environment Minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh has voiced his concerns about the difficulties in revamping the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) and the Botanical Survey of India (BSI). Mr. Ramesh says he has been frustrated at the inability of making these institutions autonomous. Both organizations are currently under the Environment Ministry. The ZSI has a 4:1 ratio of scientists to non-scientists. Both organizations are supposedly heavily unionized and attempts to revamp their structure is being resisted from within because of … Read More

Fresh water turtle survey by the Zoological Survey of India to support conservation efforts

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Turtle populations all over India have declined significantly in the last few decades. A variety of human activities are direct and indirect factors attributed to the decline. Six out of twelve species found in the Ganga are deemed endangered and categorised so Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Yet the population of turtles has plunged drastically primarily due to over exploitation, activities along the rivers, waste disposal and habitat loss. Poaching and smuggling of turtles are another … Read More