Law of the Jungle: How dholes, leopards and tigers coexist in Asia’s forests

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Large carnivores like dholes, leopards and tigers, which compete for the same food resources, use several tactics to avoid each other while still co-occuring in the same spaces. Understanding the nuances of their interactions has been of interest to ecologists for a long time. What happens when formidable large carnivores encounter each other? Who wins or who loses? Do they kill each other? Does the availability of prey alter these equations? These interactions, beyond enabling the coexistence of the carnivores … Read More

Increased Poaching During Lockdown, Not the Virus, is the New Threat to Tigers

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A note on COVID-19 detected in a tiger in the Bronx Zoo.

Having retired after working for 30 years with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), which also runs the Bronx Zoo, news reports about COVID-19 being detected in a tiger at the zoo brought back memories of its famed Tiger Mountain exhibit, the tigers like Nadia displayed in it, and, more importantly, many of the keepers, veterinarians and curators, whose dedication is unmatched in the zoo world.

However, I do believe … Read More