Siberian Weasel, Sikkim

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20th of April, it was raining heavily in Zuluk, East Sikkim, and the homestay owner hurriedly came to me and said that a “Neuri-musa” (Siberian Weasel) was in his kitchen. First the weasel entered the kitchen in search of food and I took some photographs using my mobile phone and head lamp; later when the weasel stopped foraging inside the kitchen and came out beneath the roof shade, I took some close ups of this elusive beauty. Local people consider … Read More

Southern Kiang , North Sikkim

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The Southern Kiang (Equus kiang polyodon, Hodgson 1847) occurs in the Trans-Himalayan open steppe of North Sikkim within the Indian limits. It has been recorded in Chho Lhamu, Chulung Valley, Gyamchhona, Kerang and Yumchho. The Souhern Kiangs move between India and China through the passes like Bamcho La, Chhulung La and Sesse La (Avasthe & Jha 1999). It differs from the Western Kiang (E.k.kiang) that occurs in Ladakh from being smaller and sporting a lighter coat. During summer … Read More

Sikkim Ecology Threatened by Hydroelectric Projects

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A coordinated set of hydro electric projects may soon come up on the Teesta river in Sikkim. The proposals to harness around 3635 MW of power along a 175 km stretch of the Teesta river, go back to 1998. Various factors, such as concerns from ethnic tribal communities and concerns over carrying capacity have over the years ensured that no real approval has been given by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) for the Teesta river projects. However, in … Read More