Ingestion of Plastic is Emerging as a Significant Threat to Asian Elephants in Haridwar and Lansdowne Forest Divisions, Uttarakhand

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The ecological implications of plastic pollution on ecosystem processes and human beings are well known. Increasing use of single-use plastic, poor waste management, lack of recycling, and fragmentation of plastic have made it ubiquitous, posing a grave threat to species across trophic levels. Over 1500 species ranging from invertebrates to vertebrates are impacted by plastic pollution. Globally, plastic in marine environments has been reported extensively whereas terrestrial ecosystems have remained understudied. The effects of plastic pollution are alarming, resulting in … Read More

Have You Seen This Tusker?

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December, 2004, Ghasiram Sot, Chilla Range, Rajaji National Park. The mixed Sal forests along the foothills of the Himalayas were quiet. The nomadic Gujjar pastoralists who had occupied these forests had vacated as part of a voluntary resettlement program, and there was lush Saccharum spontaneum grass in the once heavily overgrazed dry river beds. Emerging from the tall grass, I came face to face with a magnificent tusker. Surprisingly, he did not react, but stood tall, calm and composed, his … Read More