Wild Canids and Hyenas: Flagships for Increasing India’s Conservation Potential?

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India has a wide diversity of carnivores that represent multiple unique ecosystems like forests, grasslands, scrublands, open / barren lands, deserts, ravines and the trans-Himalayan plains. A recent study by researchers from Wildlife Conservation Society–India, University of Florida (USA), Ashoka Trust for Ecology and the Environment, Wildlife Conservation Trust, National Centre for Biological Sciences and James Cook University (Australia) proposes that protecting wild dogs or dholes, jackals, wolves, foxes and hyenas, and their habitats, can offer incredible potential to expand … Read More

The City, the Forest and the Sea (The Future of Nature #1) — NCBS, Bengaluru, September 15, 2016

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The way we perceive or relate to nature is central to how we secure a future for nature. To do so in an inclusive and viable way requires a blend of insight across disciplines most so the science/society interface. With this in mind, NCBS sets off this new series: The Future of Nature, exploring ideas and disciplinary intersections on nature and its future.

The first set of lectures (see flyer) in this series focuses on the present, on … Read More