Elephant Electrocuted in Garo Hills, Meghalaya

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A female elephant was electrocuted inside Jadi elephant reserve in South Garo Hills on Monday, according to a delayed report. The incident took place when one of the elephants in a herd while passing through a jhum cultivation came in contact with an electric line resulting in the death, Kamal Medhi of Samrakshan Trust, an environment protection group, said. A similar incident of elephant electrocution took place in the adjoining area of Jadi in December last year.

Range Forest Officer … Read More

Elephants Face Severe Threats in Orissa

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The Elephant population in Orissa’s forests are facing multiple and severe threats. Rampant poaching in Similipal National Park has caused more than 20 elephant deaths in two years. Maoist fears have kept conservation activities to a minimum.

A severely skewed sex ratio, under staffed protection camps, large number of electrocution deaths, fragmented habitats and retaliatory killings against depredations add to the list of threats that elephants face. The State Government has put in place a Rs. 50 crore management plan … Read More

Electrocuted Sambar on the banks of the Yamuna

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A CI contributor observed a shocking number of  wild animals (chital, sambar and jackal) electrocuted along the banks of the Yamuna. As visible in the image, the farmers (who largely grow mustard) have drawn electricity in crude wire-fences causing the electrocution. The farmers grow crops right down to the edge of the river (Yamuna and Chambal) causing dangerous pesticide and fertilizer runoffs into the fragile river ecosystems.… Read More