Bhadra River recovering from siltation impact after stoppage of Mining in Kudremukh

Bhadra river on 30th September, 2002
Praveen Bhargav | Wildlife First

The picture of the Bhadra River on the top loaded with silt after a heavy rainstorm was taken on 30th September, 2002 during the inspection by the Central Empowered Committee as ordered by the Supreme Court. The picture below showing the clear waters of the Bhadra River was taken on 18th October 2010 after a heavy rainstorm from the same location, five years after mining was stopped by the Apex Court based on a petition filed by Wildlife First. This unambiguously disproves the specious contention of KIOCL that removal of 24 million tons of ore is necessary to prevent siltation in the Bhadra River.

The State Government, which claims to champion the cause of farmers, unfortunately continues to support KIOCLs attempts to re-start mining and Eco-tourism in the ecologically sensitive Kudremukh area where the Bhadra, Tunga and Netravati Rivers originate. Kudremukh National Park has been devastated by KIOCL which has no legal or moral right to remain in the area let alone attempt to start eco-tourism or brick making. The Supreme Court has already rejected KIOCLs plea on eco-tourism and two Review Petitions including the last legal option – a Curative Petition has been dismissed on December 15, 2005. KIOCL offering land to the Government when its mining lease over 4605 ha has lapsed and they are in illegal possession of public lands within the National Park is shocking. Wildlife First therefore urges the Government to immediately ensure complete implementation of the landmark Judgments of the Supreme Court and immediately order the removal of all mining infrastructure and pipelines to protect the catchment area from the threat of renewed mining in the interests of lakhs of farmers dependent on the waters of the Bhadra River.

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Praveen Bhargav is managing trustee of Wildlife First and was a member of the National Board for Wildlife (2007-10).


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