When Protectors Break the Law!

Chaithanya Krishnan

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Being on foot close to wild tigers is akin to playing with fire. Habituated by tourism, some tigers may have become tolerant of humans, but that does not mean that they are tame. Unfortunately, losing their fear of humans could make the big cats more vulnerable to poaching.

On 4th May 2013, these two guards — one seen taking photos and another next to him (not in pic) — were on foot just a few metres away from this huge male tiger in the Telia range of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. When questioned about their behavior, they were rude and said the law did not apply to them. Soon, a furious exchange of words happened between a few tourists and the guards and later a formal complaint was filed with the local ranger and the CCF.

Let’s hope that in future they set the right example to folks who visit national parks.

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