Tigress and Forest Ranger’s Bike

Chandrabhal Singh

This was shot at Tadoba Tiger Reserve. A forest ranger’s bike was parked by the road, while he was attending to nature’s call. A tigress walked up to the bike and started investigating. She peeped into the carry bag hanging by the side of the bike and then snarled.

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  1. sumeet

    Angad and others, IIRC this bike belongs to a forest official who almost lost his foot in a steel trap. So, he’s surely not as cavalier as we’d make him out to be. His job in touristy times is to ensure that the hordes of tourists that visit Tadoba don’t build up a crowd around tigers. Especially around some of the Tadoba waterholes, tigers have been a guaranteed sight (yes – plural) and that as you may expect leads to a fair amount of excitement and an eventual circus!

    So I don’t blame the ranger for wanting to answer the nature’s call after having to police tourists all day. He’s human after all and is around to ensure the tiger’s well being. 🙂

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