Stray Dog Chasing Blackbuck

Angad Achappa

Here is an image of a stray dog chasing a herd of Blackbuck in the Jayamangali Blackbuck Conservation Reserve (formerly Maidenahalli). There were at-least 5 or 6 more dogs chasing the bucks, in a very organized fashion (not unlike dholes). This is a serious threat, as the fawns are easy targets for these dogs.

The reason these dogs enter the sanctuary is unchecked tourism. Often, tourists from nearby villages picnic inside the reserve and leave behind food, thus attracting dogs. When we brought up this issue with the RFO, he denied the fact that there could be stray dogs inside the reserve. When questioned about his last visit to the park, he said it had been a few months ago.

This image should support all those who oppose the ban against tourism in national parks. Without media and other photographers, a lot of issues would not come to the public notice.

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  1. srininat

    Angad, you say the reason dogs enter is unchecked tourism and at the same time you are also saying tourism should not be banned. I think the ban is just fine. NGOs and other scholars will have to come up with ways to spread the word about the health of our protected reserves. Most tourists and resorts are degrading the environment.

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