Mudumalai Masinagudi Road Teeming With Vehicles

Arjun Mahesh

This road teems not just with crossing wild animals, but also vehicle traffic. In an attempt to catch a glimpse of the wild, vehicles often stop, blocking the road for other vehicles. Sometimes people go to the extent of annoying animals, like elephants, to get pictures and videos of “mock charges”, attacks and so on. I have personally observed an elephant calf get separated from its mother, unable to cross the road. The mother had to charge and drive vehicles away, after which the calf crossed the road. Worst affected are smaller animals like chital, mongoose etc., which are very commonly found and hence are not of much interest to the travelers on this road. Vehicles don’t even slow down for these smaller animals. With the increase in the importance of Ooty as a tourist and commercial destination, movement of traffic on this stretch has to be regulated urgently.

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