Eurasian Marsh Harrier in Pallikaranai Wetland, Chennai

Karthick Hari

A Eurasian marsh harrier (Circus aeruginosus) picks up a plastic bottle in Pallikaranai marshland in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Pallikaranai is home to over a hundred species of birds, including migratory species. However, as seen in all water bodies within cities, plastic pollution continues to be a problem and is a threat to these birds.

Ingestion of plastic has probably been studied more in birds than in any other group of animals. Birds often starve to death after their stomachs fill up with indigestible plastic. They also pick plastic to line their nests, mistaking them for leaves or twigs that can injure and trap fragile chicks. 

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About the author

Karthick Hari

The author is a birding enthusiast from Palani, Tamil Nadu.


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