Chalazodes Bubble Nest Frog


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This beautiful species of frog had successfully evaded researcher's eyes for many years, until it was rediscovered recently. Currently listed as Critically Endangered (CR) by IUCN, very little is known of this frog.

The Chalazodes Bubble Nest frog (Roaorchestes chalazodes) is one of India’s critically endangered frog. The species, originally described by Günther in 1876 based on a single specimen that is now located in the British Museum of Natural History, was lost to science for about 136 years. It was thought to be extinct until recently, when it was rediscovered in the remote forests of Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu by Dr. Ganesan R, Seshadri.K.S and Dr. Biju S.D. Presumably its secretive nature of living inside reeds protects the frog from discovery and makes it a rare find.

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