Bean Goose: First Record from Uttarakhand, India

Anushree Bhattacharjee
The Bean Goose is the solitary bird on the right. This is only the third record of the species from India.

The Bean Goose (Anser fabalis) is a migratory bird breeding in the high Arctic regions. It has its wintering ground in temperate and sub-tropical regions such as China, Japan, Europe, and so on. A solitary Bean Goose has recently been sighted in a wetland near Corbett Tiger Reserve by a group of bird-watchers and naturalists from The Corbett Foundation led by Ms. Anushree Bhattacharjee. This was the first recorded sighting of this species from the State of Uttarakhand. It is only the third record of the species from India.

Anushree Bhattacharjee, Programme Officer (Wildlife) of the Corbett Foundation believed that the bird belonged to the Tundra Bean Goose complex. This was later confirmed by members of the Goose Specialist Group of Wetland International and IUCN – Species Survival Commission.

In addition to Anushree, the team comprised of Zaara Kidwai, Programme Officer (Awareness), TCF, Idrish Hussain, Driver, TCF, and two local naturalists, Mr. Ashok and Mr. Satya Pal. Although Anushree and Zaara went back to the site several times, they did not see the Bean Goose on any other occasion. They believe that the bird had probably got mixed up in the flock of other birds and had migrated with them.

Click here to read media coverage of the discovery in the Indian Express.

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