Bandipur Park Boundary

Shekar Dattatri

The attached image shows such a stark contrast between protected and unprotected areas in Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Land-use near protected areas like agriculture or development typically sparks human-wildlife conflict.

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Shekar Dattatri is a Chennai-based wildlife and conservation filmmaker.


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  1. PraveenRam

    Dear Shekar Dattatri,

    I have been visiting this stretch of forest quite frequently( I suppose this is Lakkigudda between Haggadahalla to Lakkipura). One striking observation I wish to make is that Since The forest department has reduced Conflicts (Mainly Elephants) using Solar fence. Land tracts beside the EPTs that were neglected earlier are now being cultivated. It makes me wonder is Solar fence a boon or curse Mitigating conflicts especially elephants has indeed earned goodwill of the village folk but also accelerating this change in land use patterns.

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