The 4th M Krishnan Memorial Lecture — 30th June, Chennai

  • On:
    June 30, 2014
  • Timing:
    5:00PM to 7:30PM
  • Location:
    Central Lecture Theatre
  • City:

M Krishnan Memorial Lectures

M Krishnan Memorial Lectures are held in the honour of a great and versatile naturalist of India. His writings and photography on India’s wildlife is now a timeless legacy. Nature offers much for contemplative reflection and aesthetic appreciation bringing essential meaning to human existence. The work of M Krishnan and these lectures, it is hoped, will help the younger generations to appreciate nature and help conserve it.

“The identity of a country depended not so much on its mutable human culture as on its geomorphology, flora ad fauna, its natural basis.”

M Krishnan, from the last column that appeared on Feb 18, 1996 — the day he passed away.


05.00 pm: M Krishnan Memorial Nature Writing Award 2014, Prizes Distribution – Madras Naturalists’ Society

5.30 pm: The 4th M Krishnan Memorial Lecture by Pradip Krishen

Pradip Krishen began his career as a historian and then became a film maker producing some acclaimed documentaries and three unconventional feature films before finally realizing that it was in wilderness and wild places that he truly found his home. Wandering through the forests of Madhya Pradesh and the Delhi Ridge, Krishen experienced that special bond with plants and trees. This culminated in the production of the immensely popular book ‘Trees of Delhi’. The book set new standards in botanical field guide writing.

Krishen then became an ecological gardener restoring wastelands in Rajasthan and helping create the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park in Jodhpur. His recent book ‘Jungle Trees of Central India’ has been admirably received as a work bearing the stamp of unmistakable thoroughness, taking Krishen’s contributions to new heights of excellence.

Krishen was introduced to M Krishnan through his ‘Country Notebook’ column as a boy when his parents read the ‘Statesman’ and found his writing to be inspiring. Krishen recalls that it was unusual for Delhi folks to be subscribing to this Calcutta Newspaper.

Later, reading anthologies of Krishnan’s selected writings that were published posthumously, Krishen was able to reconnect once again with him with undiluted delight.

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