Neralu, an Urban Tree Festival — February 8 -9, 2014, Bengaluru

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    February 8, 2014
  • To:
    February 9, 2014
  • Location:
    Cubbon Park
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A few tree enthusiasts have been very excited to think through and put together a much needed tree festival for Bangalore. This festival hopes to celebrate the history, culture and natural heritage of our city.

The trees that stand today in Bangalore are really historic treasures for the stories that they carry, and are a unique mix of exotic and indigenous species. Bangalore’s cityscape and avenues were also designed to keep the city in perpetual bloom through the various seasons. All this needs to be cherished, celebrated, reconnected with and protected.

Early spring and summer is a wonderful time for blooms. So, this is the time we would like the Urban tree festival to happen. The festival has been christened “NERALU (ನೆರಳು)”, meaning shade in Kannada and dates have been set for 8th and 9th February 2014. A green, peaceful venue in the heart of the city has been chosen as the venue – Bal Bhavan at Cubbon Park. This is going to be a not-for-profit event and a volunteer driven initiative.

As part of this, a fulfilling collaboration of naturalists, ecologists, visual artists, performance artists, writers, storytellers, historians and citizens will be weaved in to come together to help make this festival successful.

If you are keen on contributing to this festival by means of either your time, resources or funds, and further help plan and organise this festival, please join the Bangalore Tree Project google e-group where all discussions have been taking place. Find Neralu on facebook at Trees of Bengaluru.

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